NEW:  MIS Reporting Changes 2017

MIS Reporting Changes 2017 – Updates to group session reporting.

NEW:  Password Management Checklist

Password Management Checklist:  4-Step Checklist for Pirouette Administrators

Pirouette Training Database

A training database is a great way for users to practice and get familiar with Pirouette.

Learn more about a Pirouette Training Database

Getting Started With Pirouette

Implementation Guide – How to prepare for a successful Pirouette deployment.

Quick Start Guide – Key steps to quickly get you oriented in a new Pirouette install.

Pirouette User Training Guide  – Basic instructions with video tutorials for general users.

Specific Services and Functions

Archiving – How to archive inactive clients.

Crisis Teams – Using Pirouette to manage crisis programs.

Housing – Using Pirouette to manage housing programs.

OCAN – Using Pirouette with the Ontario Common Assessment of Need.

MIS Reporting Changes 2012 – Updates to Pirouette Ontario MOH reporting.

Advanced Topics

Pirouette Administrators Guide– Advanced topics for system administrators.

Pirouette Password Management – How to manage and reset passwords.

Installation Guide – How to install Pirouette on a local server.