Ontario Ministry of Health CMH&A Module

If your organization is located in Ontario, Canada, and you receive Ontario Ministry of Health funding, you may have mandated data collection and reporting requirements.  The Ontario MOH add-on module will keep you up to date with the latest data collection, reporting, and assessment requirements.

Common Data Set (CDS) & Management Information Systems (MIS)

The built-in CDS and MIS reports extract all of the required data and automatically presents it in the correct format.  Configuration tools let you map your terms to MOH terminology, allowing users to see familiar terms and language throughout the software.  Related validation checks throughout the software help to ensure data integrity and accurate reporting.

Ontario Common Assessment of Need (OCAN)

Pirouette is accredited by Community Care Information Management (CCIM) to support OCAN data collection and submissions to IAR – the Integrated Assessment Record.  Automated IAR submissions occur regularly, with a related transfer log for upload verification.

As these requirements are constantly changing, this is a subscription service based on the total number of Pirouette users at your organization.

Number of Users/Price per Month






MIS Report

OCAN Record


Are you using the OCAN Core+Self or Full version? Let clients complete their self-assessment remotely with the Consumer Self-Assessment Portal.