Password Management Checklist for Pirouette Administrators

Passwords play a critical role in data security.  Use this 4-step checklist to manage Pirouette passwords easily and effectively.

Step 1: 
Verify that “Create and manage user accounts” and “Reset passwords” are both selected in the Permissions section of your own user account.  This ensures that you can reset the password for all users.  You will not be prompted to enter the old/forgotten password first when you have “Reset passwords” selected in your own account.

Step 2:
Verify that at least one backup staff also has both permissions mentioned in Step 1.  This way, if you’re not available to reset a password (or if you need to have your own password reset), another staff can do this.

Step 3:
Verify that your Pirouette password policy under “System Preferences” reflects your organization’s password policy regarding password strength requirements and password reset schedules.

Step 4:
Verify that all staff know who the Pirouette Administrator is.  Let staff know they need to contact the Pirouette Administrator or backup (not Roxy Software) for password resets and access issues.

Important Reminders:

  • After repeated failed login attempts, Pirouette locks you out for 5 minutes.  This security feature helps to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access.  Wait for the lockout period to expire before attempting to login again.  Attempting to login during the lockout period will extend the period.
  • For security reasons, Roxy Software will not perform password resets for unknown or unauthorized individuals.  To maintain data security, the Pirouette Administrator at the organization is responsible for providing password resets and login assistance.
  • Passwords should be at least 8 characters long and should contain a mix of random letters, numbers, and symbols.

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Download a PDF version of the checklist:

Pirouette Password Management Checklist