Information and tools to help you plan your software implementation project.

Determine What You Need

Pricing is based on software/services ordered and number of users.  Follow the steps below to determine what you need.  You can then view a PRICING SUMMARY to see your total costs.

Step 1:  Hosting by Roxy Software or Self-Hosting

Option 1 – Hosting by Roxy Software: 

The easiest way to get up and running quickly.  No need to purchase and install the software, and no need to maintain a server or deal with backups.  We install Pirouette on our secure server and send you a web link – you just log in and go!  Your monthly hosting charge is based on the total number of users.  All updates are included.

Option 2 – Self-Hosting on Your Server:

Install and run Pirouette on your own server.  No initial purchase cost; the software licensing is a monthly subscription based on the total number of users.  All updates are included as long as the license is maintained.  There is no contract or minimum commitment required, and you can cancel at any time.

Learn more about the SOFTWARE

Step 2:  Add-On Modules

Ontario MOH Module

For Ontario organizations, this module supports CDS and MIS reporting, OCAN and IAR submissions.

Learn more about the ONTARIO MOH MODULE

OCAN Consumer Self-Assessment Portal

For organizations that use the OCAN, this module allows clients to fill out the self-assessment remotely.

Learn more about the OCAN CSA PORTAL

Step 3:  Support and Training


Get a support plan for unlimited product support; or purchase hourly support as needed.

Learn more about SUPPORT


A variety of training materials are provided free of cost at our website, for easy access by staff any time.  You can also get access to a private training database so staff can train with no impact to your live data.

Learn more about our free TRAINING RESOURCES

Learn more about a TRAINING DATABASE

To determine your total costs, view our software and services PRICING SUMMARY