About Pirouette Hosting

In order to get Pirouette software up and running, it first needs to be installed on a server.  This involves substantial start-up costs, in terms of purchasing the server and the related server software, and purchasing and configuring security infrastructure such as firewalls.

Hosting by Roxy Software reduces overall costs since you don’t have to deal with server maintenance, and it eliminates concerns around data backups.  In addition, our hosting facility has numerous security protocols and mechanisms in place, making it far more secure than the typical office environment.


We use AES-256 encryption end-to-end.  The live database, all related files, and backups are encrypted, keeping data secure at all times.  Our servers are stored in a specially equipped, high security facility.

The data is on locally redundant (RAID) storage, with hourly backups that are encrypted and mirrored to a second data centre, to ensure reliability and security of the data and backups.  In the event of an emergency such as hardware failure, it’s possible to swap to another server in a matter of minutes to ensure that Pirouette stays up and running as usual.

Transport Layer Security is forced for all communication with the server.